Welcome to Bellyful of Art, a miscellany of art-inspired writing and imagery. Amidst the clutter, you may find the odd interview, a selection of (slightly amateurish) reviews, some photography and perhaps even a debate or two.

I also have a particular love of literature so please don’t be surprised if book-related posts pop up every now and then, as well as my own lovingly created pieces of fiction (clearly identifiable as unintelligible gabble…).

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Leah! I am just taking some time to say a big thanks to all those kind people who have followed my blog since starting last November. I really appreciate that you took the time when I was just starting out to show an interest in me and this inspired me to persist with my writing and photography. Having a chance to engage with talented bloggers has helped me develop my own skills and I am very grateful. I hope you are still enjoying blogging and look forward to keeping connected. Very best wishes and thanks! TJ


    1. Hi TJ, that’s such a kind message. Your blog really is wonderful and I’m so pleased that my comments have encouraged you to keep up the great work! I’m looking forward to reading (and seeing) more from your blog in the future. All the best, Leah

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